Hire a Poet










If you need a poem written for your boyfriend, crush, mother, dog, etc., or for a wedding, funeral, birthday, or other special event, I’m your poet.

At the low low cost of $50 (see here for business rates), I will compose an original sonnet or poem of equivalent length for whatever occasion (other than your homework – I don’t do homework). I don’t just mean that I’ll stick your girlfriend’s name in a pre-written poem. You give me the details you’d like included, and I will write you a custom poem from scratch.

Longer poems are available at a (proportionately) higher cost.

I aim for a turn around time of 7 days. If you require your poem sooner, you can request this for an additional cost.

Have a look at some of my published poetry and read about how it works. If you’re interested in reading some samples of the poetry I’ve written for other folks, or if you’d like to commission a poem, please email me at hollypainter(at)gmail(dot)com.


P.S. I’m 100% GLBTQ-friendly and happy to celebrate your love with you 🙂

One thought on “Hire a Poet

  1. Its pronounced "poe-A" says:

    A hiaku for you:
    First I have to clear my throat . . .
    Thank you very much

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