I have two books of poetry coming out in the next year: Wanderlust and Excerpts from a Natural History.

In the meantime, click below for recent poetry publications in print:

Riprap coverDecades Review 11 coverStorm_Cellar_cover_3.2Dead Flowers coverWilde coverHue&CryJAAM cover 001Hawai'i Review cover 001 


Click below for recent poetry publications online:

“Finagle”; “Foible”; and “Fondle” in ucity review

“Surfin’ Safari”; “409”; and “Little Deuce Coupe” in The Collapsar

“Awkward” and “Bulbous” in The Scrambler

“Chi Town” in Outside In Literary and Travel Magazine

“Please Let Me Wonder”; “When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)”; and “California Girls” in Specter Magazine

“The only shame” in Red Savina Review

“Diphthong” and “Earwig” in The Mad Hatters’ Review

“Tinkle”; “Twaddle”; and “Wasps” in BODY

“Barbara Ann”; “Help Me, Rhonda”; and “Caroline, No” in The Museum of Americana

“Heinous”; “Horror”; and “Impregnable” in The Hamilton Stone Review

“Spermaceti”; “Seepage”; and “Slacks” in Shot Glass Journal

“Plop” and “Phlegmatic” in Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure

“The day will be beautiful”; “Turn Back Your Clocks”; and “Save Radio New Zealand” in Spork Press

“Telephones” in Turbine

“Canterbury Plains” in Turbine

“Angelino in Dunedin” at the Dunedin Public Libraries 

“Friday Night (in Hooper, Nebraska)” in Right Hand Pointing

“Shedd Aquarium” in Six Little Things

“In Transition” in Tattoo Highway


Bonus! Fiction! Essays! Interviews!

“Denny’s” in WhiskeyPaper

“On Marriage” in MomandNotMom

“Repco” in Penduline Press

Interview in Penduline Press





Please note, I am not Holly Painter the spoken word poet though we share an awesome name.



2 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. These are fantastic. Evocative and lonely, loving and sad, friendly and distant. I like them all.

  2. […] Linkydinks to online poems at author’s website. […]

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